With science and technology as the guide, professional service team as the backing, take the customer as the center, personalized to meet the needs of different users, so that customers get value products and pleasant service, achieve strategic alliance of partners and common development.

Quality is the lifeline in our company:

1. From raw materials to the production, selection, quality stable supply of raw materials to ensure product quality stability.

2.High quality R&D team and the cooperation with large research institutes, to ensure that the product progress and innovation; According to different customers’ requirements, customized the personalized products, technological innovation, we are holding the safe lead.

3.Follow-up the feedback on the quality of products, and constantly improve the quality of products, and we strive for perfection!

4.Strict product quality control system, guarantee the stability of product quality,keep quality the same consistently. Reasonable price, the “best value” products,it is our pursuit. A reasonable market price system, optimize the market order, make customer obtained with the “best value” price of products and services.

wish our best services with full heart can co-create wonderful win-win scenery

1.Timely, safe and accurate delivery, high quality product, stable performance,honest supply,keep the promise. In accordance with the agreement or commitment of the place as designated date, quantity, delivery and timely implementation of other commitments, ensure customer credit; establish the good integrity of honest supplying and keeping the promise.

High-tech products with professional technical services. Marketing personnel with professional product application knowledge and high quality technical services team, help customers to solve many problems and confusion in product application; "Your needs is our opportunity", providing products and related support, integrate with other social resources, to provide basis and reference, help customers to analysis and solve problems, limited product can get value services; Establish a good image with considerate service!

Richful Lube always adhere to the "innovation, service, responsibility and value" of the enterprise purpose, to technological innovation as an opportunity, to considerate service as the window,to win-win cooperation as own duty, let the customer feel price to value,and value higher than price,full satisfaction is our eternal goal to pursue!

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